April 2017 – Snakes & Baseball

Typically the busiest boat-buying month of the year for us in Charleston, April did not disappoint.  We surveyed boats of all shapes and sizes and from all over the state.  Like I theorized last month, I think the lack of a real winter had people itching to get out on the water a lot earlier than usual this year.  And boaters weren’t the only ones out and about this month.

Unfazed by the implications of my Irish heritage, the snakes down here are starting to get a little too familiar with me.  I relocated two smooth earth snakes and one southern black racer already and it’s not even summer yet.  I also had a corn snake scare the living crap out of me on the porch last week.  I actually decided to let him stay and take a stab at our backyard mole problem.  I know most people hate snakes, but corn snakes are about as dangerous as a golden retriever puppy.  If you see one, boost your karma a little bit and let it be – or relocate it to the woods if your inner Steve Irwin gets the better of you.

Last but not certainly least, it’s officially baseball season!  Just like being on the water, baseball will cure whatever ails you.  The sights, the sounds, the smells.  It’s a nostalgic sensory overload you can’t get anywhere else.  Take the family, grab a hot dog, kick back and watch the greatest game in the world.  As Charles Krauthammer said, “You watch football and basketball, but you take in a baseball game.”

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