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Damage Claim Investigations

All damage claim assignments should be submitted via Knox Marine Surveyors & Consultants.

Click HERE to submit an assignment.

Specializing in damage claim inspections, Knox Marine Surveyors & Consultants is one of the most experienced marine surveying firms in the country. The Knox Team has 7 SAMS-AMS surveyors who cover the East Coast from South Florida to Maryland. Knox Marine has conducted over 10,000 damage inspections over the past 30 years. Combined, we have over 175 years of professional marine industry experience and over 80 years of surveying experience. True South is proud to represent Knox Marine here in Charleston SC, alongside the Knox Marine CEO, Doug Alling.

Groundings / SSO’s

Sinkings / Flodding

Collisions / Allisions

Engines / Mechanical Failures

Lightning Strikes / Storm Damage

Roadway Accidents

Hurricanes / Major Events

Salvage Coordination