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How much does a survey cost?

$28-$34 per foot.

Pre-purchase and condition & value surveys are priced by-the-foot, and typically fall somewhere between $25 and $30 per foot (based on the boat’s LOA). The per-foot pricing scale depends on the size, type and age of the boat and its propulsion system. Damage claims and thermal imaging are priced per hour.

Do I have to attend the survey?

You are not required to attend the survey.

While it’s generally recommended for the buyer to attend the survey, sometimes logistical conflicts make it impossible. In fact the majority of my pre-purchase clients live out of town and are unable to attend surveys. The survey process is the same whether you can make it or not.

Who gets a copy of the survey report?

Only the survey purchaser.

The survey purchaser receives a copy of the survey report, and no one else. Furthermore, the survey purchaser is under no obligation to share the report or its contents with anyone else unless he/she feels inclined to do so. The primary purpose of the survey report is to detail the condition and value of the boat. But the survey report can also serve as a negotiating tool during the buying process.

How soon is the survey conducted?

As soon as logistically possible.

This can vary quite a bit. There are several variables to consider when booking a survey date. Yard schedules, tide schedules, boat location, captain availability, your schedule, our schedule, weather. Because of this, we try to stay as flexible as possible. Sometimes surveys are split up over multiple days in order to get the job done.

During the busy season, it’s not uncommon for us to be booked out 3-4 weeks.

When will i receive the survey report?

Within 5 business days.

Report submission time can also vary quite a bit, depending on the time of year and the volume and complexity of the survey findings. Reports are almost always submitted to you within 5 business days (usually sooner). However, if we anticipate a delay due to high work load, we will let you know up front.

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